Controversial Digital Marketing Agency Article May Upset Experts in Christchurch

LOCALTACTIC a full service digital marketing agency in Christchurch NZ releases a controversial article titled "Some of The Hard Facts About Digital Marketing", which may cause upset amongst Website Marketing Experts. More information and the article itself can be found at

Christchurch, New Zealand - February 26, 2020 /PressCable/ —

LOCALTACTIC, a full service digital marketing agency in Christchurch, has released a potentially controversial article “Some of The Hard Facts About Digital Marketing”, bringing some cause for concern, as the article may upset People relying solely on SEO and paid advertising.

The 1140 words article examines the high points and low points of Digital Marketing in Christchurch New Zealand, in the pursuit of providing a reliable analysis and an unbiased view of the fact that Digital marketing covers a wide range of services and while there are many companies providing these services, they all take such a lot of time, and the cost gets passed onto Small Businesses that what they really require is all round visibility and brand identity.

LOCALTACTIC’s complete article can be found at

LOCALTACTIC works to ensure that their businesses are seen in as many places online as possible, gaining true omnipresence. Causing controversy is somewhat typical of my site, a certain element of the article is set to spark discontent amongst some website marketing experts.

Below is a portion of the piece, which neatly exemplifies the controversial element:

“Digital marketing covers a wide range of services and while there are many companies providing these services, they all take such a lot of time, each. One of the problems with this is that they all manipulate the internet in various ways e.g. why bother to get your website to number one when you can put a Google Ad there in its place.”

A spokesperson for LOCALTACTIC, Steven Brough, a full-service digital marketing agent in Christchurch NZ, says “Of course LOCALTACTIC never sets out to intentionally upset anybody. The aim of this article is above all to give a fair analysis of the subject so our readers so they can make their own minds up, and to provide the best and most unbiased information available to us that our audience might find interesting and relevant. It is critical, however, that we stay dedicated to our true voice.

These are two videos that may back these views up: “So, Why Doesnt Advertising Work?”

" target="_blank">here and “6 in 1 Local Digital Marketing Services”
" target="_blank">here.

Although our “Some of The Hard Facts About Digital Marketing” article might unsettle people relying solely on SEO and paid advertising, our duty is to our readers. We believe it is more important for us to lay down the facts and provide an unbiased view, than to please everyone. Which is notoriously difficult to do.

Although there has been no backlash as of yet, the possibility exists as the article might be upsetting because the article talks about what is happening now rather than the old way that people have been using for years.

LOCALTACTIC has been a provider of in depth articles in the Digital Marketing market for for a few months, we tend to focus on creating media content for our clients rather than spending time posting content for the public but we think it is important that some things get said now while they are relevant. Our responsibility will always be to small to medium business owners.

LOCALTACTIC has stated that for local businesses whether small, medium or large, online presence cannot be overemphasized. Local businesses require better than just the regular Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and other forms of paid advertising to clients. A proper system for attracting the client has to be put in place which often times is not. So LOCALTACTIC hopes any controversy will pass quickly and re-emphasizes no offence is or was intended.

LOCALTACTIC’s complete article can be found at

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