AH Towing Baltimore Launches New Towing Service In Baltimore, MD

August 09, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - AH Towing Baltimore is proud to announce the launch of their towing service in Baltimore, Maryland. The company strives for customer service excellence, and this shows in the way they fully train, insure, and license all their drivers.

While AH Towing Baltimore offers several towing services, the company also delivers emergency roadside assistance services, car lockout services, jump start services, and much more. In addition to their roadside mechanic services, AH Towing Baltimore can help connect customers to accredited mechanic businesses in situations where a vehicle needs more extensive mechanical services than what they offer. Whether a customer needs a tow or has simply locked themselves out of their car, AH Towing Baltimore is available to lend their assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Let me just say that there’s tow truck service, then there’s AH Towing Baltimore’s service,” says recent customer Harry F. “AH Towing Baltimore’s customer service is in a league of its own. The driver arrived in a flash and was very knowledgeable in technical issues with vehicles. They helped turn a horrible, stressful evening around. I recommend that all Baltimore natives choose AH Towing Baltimore over other tow services; you will be very satisfied with your experience.”

AH Towing Baltimore’s recent launch was carried out with inclusivity in mind. No matter what kind of vehicle one owns, the towing company ensures that they have the truck to get the job done. With flatbed tow trucks, trucks outfitted with wheel lift mechanisms, medium-duty trucks, and light-duty trucks, AH Towing Baltimore can safely and securely transport any type of motor vehicle within the greater Baltimore, Maryland area. Customers who drive electric cars, cars equipped with 4-wheel drive, automatic vehicles, and even exotic cars can expect safe and efficient transportation for their automobiles.

Most importantly, AH Towing Baltimore recognizes that motorcyclists often find it difficult to locate a towing company with equipment that is compatible with their vehicle. The new towing company’s trucks are expertly outfitted with the equipment necessary to securely transport motorcycles anywhere within the business’ service perimeter—and these services are also provided at the company’s affordable rates. To learn more about the company, visit AH Towing Baltimore’s website at http://gmbp.in/u/5d499f8f36028.

While AH Towing Baltimore makes towing as easy as possible for their customers, getting a vehicle towed is not always a straightforward process. In order to service the needs of every customer, AH Towing Baltimore offers to winch out services for cars that may be stuck in hard to reach areas. Owners of vehicles that are stuck in mud, ditches, wood areas, and a variety of other situations can rely on AH Towing Baltimore to safely retrieve and transport their car to the necessary location. For less extreme situations, the company offers 24-hour services that include car lockout assistance, 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, and jumpstart services.

While the newly launched towing company works hard to provide services for all types of motor vehicles, they also strive to be inclusive of their customer base. AH Towing Baltimore offers a variety of 24-hour services at prices that are competitive, yet affordable, for drivers of all ages and backgrounds. In keeping with their affordability policies, the towing company offers several coupons that customers can use, such as $5 off or 15% off any of the company’s services. These coupons are readily available on the AH Towing Baltimore website. “I was stranded in my car and low on money,” says customer Dell R. “Despite my situation, this company came through and worked with me to come up with a reasonable price that I could handle. I could tell these gentlemen were highly trained and responded to my situation with great customer service. I will now use them anytime I need a tow. Thank you, AH Towing Baltimore!”

The new launch of AH Towing Baltimore allows drivers in and around the Baltimore area to receive quality and affordable towing and mechanical services. The company has a large service perimeter, including over 100 communities and dozens of zip codes in and around Baltimore, Maryland. For the full list of areas in the company’s service zone, as well as more details on the services they provide, visit the company’s website at http://gmbp.in/u/5d499f67d8bb8.


For more information about AH Towing, contact the company here:

AH Towing
Elyas Valentine
(443) 853-1100
AH Towing 425 South Wickham Road Baltimore, MD 21229

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