Sanctions And Embargoes

Syria: West should lift sanctions to help refugees return

Nov 29, 2018

Syria's ambassador: If Western countries serious about helping Syrian refugees return home, they should lift sanctions

Koreas gain UN sanctions exemption for joint rail survey

Nov 24, 2018

South Korea says the United Nations Security Council has granted sanctions exemption for surveys on North Korean railroad sections the Koreas want to connect with the South

The Latest: Trump admits concern about Iran and oil prices

Nov 5, 2018

President Donald Trump says he was concerned about rising oil prices as his administration reinstated sanctions on Iran Monday

The Latest: Trump touts Iran sanctions on movie-style poster

Nov 2, 2018

President Donald Trump is tweeting what looks like a movie-style poster that takes creative inspiration from the TV series "Game of Thrones" to announce the reimposition of sanctions against Iran

US vows tough approach to Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba

Nov 1, 2018

The United States is imposing new sanctions on Venezuela and Cuba and promising additional penalties against Nicaragua

US sanctions Singapore companies over North Korea dealings

Oct 26, 2018

The United States has imposed sanctions on the Singapore-based director of a commodities company accused of laundering money for North Korea through the U.S. financial system

Trump signs new Hezbollah sanctions bill in anti-Iran push

Oct 25, 2018

President Donald Trump has signed legislation imposing new sanctions against Hezbollah, the Iran-backed terrorist group behind the 1983 Beirut barracks bombings

As an oil giant, Saudi threats against US loom large

Oct 16, 2018

Saudi Arabia's status as the biggest oil exporter gives it power to jolt the global economy but it's not expected to retaliate against the US

US targets network backing Iran's use of child soldiers

Oct 16, 2018

Treasury is targeting a network of businesses that provide financial support to a paramilitary force in Iran that allegedly trains and deploys child soldiers to fight with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Koreas agree to break ground on inter-Korean railroad

Oct 15, 2018

Rival Koreas agree to break ground on inter-Korean railroad in high-level talks