Military And Defense

Trump: Kim wants to meet again, apologized for missile tests

Aug 11, 2019

President Donald Trump says North Korea's Kim Jong Un wants to meet with him once again

N. Korea says leader Kim supervised tests of weapons systems

Aug 10, 2019

North Korea says leader Kim Jong Un supervised test-firings of an unspecified new weapons system, which extended a streak of weapons demonstrations that are seen an attempt to build leverage ahead of negotiations with the United States

Nagasaki mayor laments nuclear arms are seen as useful

Aug 9, 2019

On 74th bombing anniversary, Nagasaki mayor laments that nuclear weapons are increasingly seen as useful and nuclear states like US and Russia are returning to making and deploying them

Trump heads for golf club holiday - but summer storms loom

Aug 8, 2019

It's President Donald Trump's summer (vacation) of discontent

Man in anthem attack convinced Trump ordered it, lawyer says

Aug 8, 2019

The attorney for a Montana man charged with assaulting a 13-year-old boy who refused to remove his hat during the national anthem says the man believes he was doing what President Donald Trump wanted him to do

Russia's military drone makes successful maiden flight

Aug 7, 2019

The Russian military says its prospective drone has made a successful maiden flight

Kim says North Korean launches were warning to US, South

Aug 7, 2019

North Korea says Kim Jong Un supervised a live-fire demonstration of newly developed, short-range ballistic missiles intended to send a warning to US and South Korea over their joint military exercises

NY judge cites 'urgency' of FOIA case regarding Khashoggi

Aug 6, 2019

A judge says federal agencies must produce thousands of pages monthly of records pertaining to the killing of Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi (jah-MAHL' khahr-SHOHK'-jee) because learning about his disappearance is of "paramount importance."

Hiroshima marks 74th anniversary of atomic bombing

Aug 6, 2019

Hiroshima has marked the 74rd anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city with its mayor renewing calls for eliminating such weapons

US faces challenges in stopping domestic terror attacks

Aug 5, 2019

President Donald Trump is calling on federal authorities to do a better job identifying violent extremists, but that won't be easy.